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Salam dost khobam baraye mushahede link va emkanat digar lotfan sabt nam kunid.
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 dastor bot khod nimbuzz dar room

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Nimbuzz ID : ..(helper)..@n.c or mehrzad(e)@n.c or !+0~@n.c
Male Posts : 16
Join date : 2014-07-23
Age : 21

PostSubject: dastor bot khod nimbuzz dar room   2014-07-24, 3:06 am

baray didan dastorat dar room /help send konid.
karbord dastorat:

1-/ban id
2-/ban f id (id flood ra ban ip mikonad)
3-/ban list (tedad ban shodeha ra neshan midahad)
4-/ban a (tamam afrad to room ban mishan)
5-/ban r id (id ra unban mikonad)
6-/kick id
7-/kick a (tamam afrad to room kick mishan)
8-/mem id
9-/mem list (tedad member shodeha ra neshan midahad)
10-/mem a (tamam afrad to room member mishan)
11-/mem r id (member bodan id ra migirad)
D)modir movaghat:
12-/mod id (hd ra modir movaghat mikonad)
13-/mod a (tamam afrad to room modir movaghat mishan)
E)davat kardan:
14-/invite id (addlist id davat mishan be room)
15-/invite a (tamam afrad to room addlisteshon davat mishan be room)
16-/mute id (id ra visitor mikonad)
17-/mute a (tamam afrad to room visitor mishan)
18-/mute r id (id ra az halat visitor khareg mikonad)
19-/who id (profile id ra neshan midahad)

nokte:in dastorat por karbordi az dastorat in bothast
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dastor bot khod nimbuzz dar room
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